Jeffrey Knight is a creator and performer of characters. He has dedicated 25 years to the Entertainment Industry as an actor, writer, comedian and voice artist. As a young performer, he worked with Wayne and Shuster on a series of CBC specials. Jeffrey’s career highlights include performing in “I Looked in Obituaries” on location in Rome with director / star Giancarlo Giannini, “Dog Boys” for Ken Russell and “A Saintly Switch” for Disney, directed by Peter Bogdanavich. Jeffrey has also logged thousands of hours in front of the lens and behind the microphone for thousands of ads, many of which were featured on “America’s Funniest Commercials”. These spots have won dozens of awards at The London International Advertising Awards and he received a Gold at The Marketing Awards. Jeffrey was also the star of the first “live to air” commercial in thirty years, for CBC’s anniversary, hosted by Norman Jewison. Jeffrey is also proud to have won the Shout Night Club’s “Search for the Funniest Stand-Up Comedian”.

Jeffrey Knight works across North America and around the globe. For full resume and biography, please see his IMDB profile. To book him please see the contact page.

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